Infrared Mediaworks specializes in what I have dubbed Multi-Cross Marketing.  This is a concept that I came up with to describe our approach for implementing marketing plans to maximize effectiveness by leveraging multiple media across channels.  Traditional multi-channel marketing is characterized by using many different marketing channels to reach a customer but is somewhat incomplete.  Multi-Cross Marketing is distinguished by not only using multiple marketing channels, but by utilizing multiple media types and closely integrating the marketing content to drive action across channels. 

Radio, TV, mobile, and print are all distinct marketing channels, each of which maintain different standards for user interaction.  Therefore, a key for successful implementation is to deploy marketing that is channel appropriate and consistent with customer behavior for the medium.  A sixty second commercial might be fine for TV or radio but the data says internet users won't tolerate a message of such length.  A good deal of research now also illustrates the effectiveness of generating multiple impressions for improving top of mind brand awareness among potential customers. 

As an example, a new store opening might require a plan which includes radio, internet, and mobile as part of the marketing mix.  An effective Multi-Cross Marketing approach might deliver 30-second radio spots, website banner advertising and a text messaging campaign which all follow a common design theme.  Each marketing channel might also direct users to an online form to capture email addresses for future marketing as the store launch approaches.  It is this integrated approach that yields the greatest potential benefit to marketers and defines true Multi-Cross Marketing.  That's how I see it.

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