Video has revolutionized how we interact with content online. In fact, according to Cisco by 2022 video will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.  Every business should be using video to reach it's customers.  The battle for customer attention will be won with video.  We've leveraged best in class media tools that make video marketing fast, easy and affordable. 
We offer Infrared VideoZone as a video marketing fee for service or as a self-managed solution with limited or full online access.  With your own Infrared VideoZone Private Client account you'll have user privileges to access our secure platform along with a growing library of 1500+ templates customizable to your precise branding and the World's leading video creation software.  Elevate your identity and boost engagement across email, social media, mobile and web channels seamlessly. 

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  • Branding & Identity

  • Product Introductions

  • Event Promotions

  • Service Updates

  • Sales Announcements



VideoZone|Limited (5 Block) - $50

Self managed access with 5 included video renderings 

VideoZone|Limited (25 Block) - $250

Self managed access with 25 included video renderings 

VideoZone|Private Client - $500/mo

Self managed & unlimited access to our platform


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