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Infrared Mediaworks is a digital media and marketing company. We develop interactive online and mobile content for private clients and our portfolio of brands. We provide customized marketing & multimedia production services including voiceover, and content development for web, mobile and broadcast.  Infrared Mediaworks is a registered Roku Developer.  We’re adept at using our talent to craft words, shape sounds and create images that evoke action.

IMW was founded in 2001 as a specialty agency serving small and mid sized businesses and organizations.  Founder David Pittman is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Japan Center for Michigan Universities.  His media career began with WJR Radio as a weekend producer for Detroit Tiger’s baseball, and has included stints with WUOM, WGPR and TV Tokyo.  David has been an affiliate member of CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design & Installation Association) and a registered producer for the Public Radio Satellite System.

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We design and build extraordinary experiences that captivate audiences and
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There are more than 700 million websites now online.  We create solutions that help clients stand out on the World’s most crowded stage.


The global audience of mobile users numbers more than 1.2 billion.  Providing a clear road map for reaching them is how we help businesses grow.


It’s not all about digital. Traditional broadcast media including TV and radio are still very effective.  We can help deliver the best of both worlds.

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